We are thrilled to announce the launch of Web3 Digest, a platform that will bridge the knowledge gap to drive Web3 adoption in Africa. We aim to onboard and equip Africans with the information and resources needed to navigate the Web3 ecosystem.

Onboarding The Next Billion Web3 Users in Africa

While Web3 awareness is fast rising in Africa, however, what is largely the case in the modus operandi of how we intend to onboard the next billion users is the difference between showing and telling. Essentially, we have been more focused on talking about Web3 than demonstrating exactly what it is and how it relates to the common African.

In Africa, it’s not “Do your own research” (DYOR); it’s about explaining how it works and what economic and social benefits it brings to the individual or groups.

Africa faces numerous socio-economic challenges that blockchain technology can address, as evidenced by the various blockchain-based solutions developed across the continent in healthcare, supply chain, remittance, and other areas.

Studies have shown that Africa continues to generate blockchain-based projects rapidly, addressing social and financial issues. Blockchain adoption in Africa saw a 1,200% growth between 2020 and 2021, attracting over $304 million in funding during the first half of 2022 — three times more than the entire year of 2021.

Education plays a crucial role in web3 adoption in Africa, but its effectiveness relies on practical application. We must provide web3 education that showcases its use cases within and outside the continent.

In our efforts to drive web3 adoption in Africa, we have considered the peculiarities within the continent as a guide for our tailor-made approach.

Web3 Digest will provide:

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Web3 Opportunity Desk: Will provide access to various opportunities in Web3, including jobs, reward programs for creators, grant opportunities, hackathons, VCs and accelerator programs for Web3 builders.

Web3 Events: Virtual and physical events are powerful drivers for web3 adoption. We will leverage both mediums to build and engage with our community through X spaces, bootcamps, physical meetups, and workshops, empowering participants with knowledge on navigating the Web3 landscape.

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